Goth Gallery at Zexpo 2011

Goth Gallery opens its doors in Zexpo 2011 with an interesting artist program in the world RL goth. The approach of the gallery is to show every day an artist who set the art world Goth. Not mean they are the most important, but they are icons of the movement. Sometimes they are extremists within the current Dark and gore, but certainly his innovative contribution to the Art Goth and Art in general.
Exhibiting their works in the virtual world  seemed a plagiarism, does little to show his wealth of work so in SL is exposed Silene Christen’s original work inspired by each artist.
Program begins with Ramnstein (music band) and Lovecraft (writer). The first bring this controversial issue, dealing with social taboos like innovative music. Lovecraft revolutionized the world of  horror story, so far based on spirits and ghosts, to turn to cults and ancient demons.    Second Life placement of Goth Gallery. Adult sim

Tribute to Ramnstein: a serie of sculptures named as different songs from the group.

Tribute to Lovecraft: demons, religious cults and ruins.

“Ruins”, tribute to Lovecraft by Silene Christen.

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