CHOICES by June Clavenham
Choices is both a visual experience, and a statement about hope.
I believe our choices are sometimes not the most wise, but they are the best we can do at a given moment, and at the end we will be able to find what brings kidness and peace to our hearts. I made the textures for the place, and tried to create ambiences to make you inmerse and ponder.
I hope you find it interesting, and have a bit of fun at the end of the path.


Silene Christen’s: Childhood.

Childhood is an issue i’m verey concerned and interested on it. On one side are more vulnerable than adults, on the other, their vision of life is so different that  ignore it can difficult to treat or get to know them.
In my installation I have reflected the world of childhood as a sheet of schoolnotebook  that can be filled with experiences, ideas and emotions. On different times with the peculiar perspectives of children (that tree that becomes a makeshift home, these books form a hut, that battlefield with simple forms …). These raised corners show the concerns  and emotions that most affect the infant: the need for love, fears and night terrors, fantasies and delusions and information needs.
I hope you like it.

La infancia es un tema que me preocupa e interesa. Por un lado son más vulnerables que los adultos, por otro su visión de la vida estan diferente que no tenerlo en cuenta puede hacer que no sepamos tratarlos o llegar a ellos.
En mi instalación he reflejado el mundo de la infancia como una hoja de un cuaderno de tareas que se puede llenar de experiencias, ideas y emociones. Sobre èl diferentes momentos con la peculiar perspectivas de los niños (ese arbol que se convierte en improvisada casa, esos libros que forman una choza, ese campo de batalla con simples formas…). Esas esquinas levantadas nos muestran las preocupaciones y las emociones que afectán más al infante: la necesidad de amor, los miedos y terrores nocturnos, las fantasias e ilusiones la necesidad de información.
Espero que os guste.


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