Tha Damn Exhibition: A vindication of Goth Art. / La exposición maldita: Una reivindicación del Arte Gótico.

Fratte Gallery, @Life ARt @ and Calamaro Planet  are planning a new exhibit: The Damn Art: A vindication of Goth Art.
The Gothic movement has not only left a trail of dress, combing and graphic design if not an entire school of great artists that goth vision of life we ​​face our fears and taboos. Defining the Art Goth is still complicated. It’s complicated because movement participants are individualistic, contrary to group feeling that is a way of being a “sheep.” However, common features are there, especially because the philosophy of life share the same feeling. What could we say about Goth Art? Here are some general principles.
1. The Goth sees life from the dark side. From pessimism to look around this negative side of society and life, there is the force that makes them confront their own fears and taboos. Death, blood, wounds, afterlife, etc … Some of the icons you see in the works.
2. The tonal range is dark. Usually black, red and white in its purity flood paintings, photographs and sculptures.
3. Irony. Society that face their own fears makes them “smile” and makes the work a background ironic hue.
4. Beauty in the dark. The Goth knows like no other to see beauty in the dark corners of our soul. For him the dark turns out to be light.
5. Romanticism. It is a movement which has drawn on the romantic and medieval sources, from an idealized and sweet. Medieval dresses, or conversely with lace, ruffles and bows, with a touch of sensual and sexy, used as models in motion.
6. Fantastic art. The scenarios are always a romantic and fantastic, with ruins, castles, water, dark forests, etc. Decorated with fantastic animals or dramatic as the crow.
In general terms these would be the characteristics of this artistic movement. From it have emerged variants:  steampunk-inspired, grunge, cyberpunk, etc. .. In his darker side the Dark Arts, where the gore and darkness and the most formidable personal demons come together.
I hope that this exhibition is a compilation of work done for or in virtual worlds.
Silene Christen

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