The Laird of Hinterland is proud to invite you to submit work for  the second Hinterland Estates Arts Prize, HEART 2010, Heart of the North.

The HEART contest 2010 inaugurates the new Time and Talents settlement on the Hinterland Orkney Sim. Our vision is that the Settlement will be a community of artists who can exhibit and sell their  work, and embraces the highest level of creative achievement in SL.

The first prize  is  L$25,000, the HEART 2010 gold medal and the right to advertise their work as the winner of HEART 2010. The other finalists will be awarded medals and the right to advertise their work as a finalist of the HEART 2010 Prize.

The winner will have the right to use  a free gallery in the Time and Talents Settlement for 6 months and the runners up will have first option on the others. Everyone who rents in the Settlement for a minimum of six months will be offered a show in the KAC

The conditions of entry are:

1. The aim of the competition is to promote and encourage Second Life as a medium for the arts.

2. The competition is open to all Second Life residents except those employed by Hinterland Estates and their partners.

3.  The overarching theme of ours sims  are the landscape, community, mythology and history of The Northern Isles of Scotland.   Entries are welcomed that combines these aspects of our work.

4. Entries may be any of the visual arts that may be represented in Second Life that conform to the theme and motif.  Digital photos of paintings and drawings, digitally produced paintings and drawings, photographs, sculpture, immersive art, installations or any other visual representations of the theme and motif.

5. Artists must ensure that they have the right to use all of the material used in their creations.  The creation itself must be original creation of the artist.

6. The competition is open until 14th March
Entries to be sent to Laird Hinterland before midnight SLT on the closing date.

7. All entries will be exhibited in the Kirkness Art Centre during April 2010.

8. The judging committee will consist of four members selected by Hinterland Estates and who will vote independently.  In the case of a tied vote the deciding vote will be cast by the curator of the Kirkness Art Centre.  The judges decision will be final and no correspondence entered into.

9.  The winner and all finalists are required to donate a copy of their entry to Hinterland Estates for future exhibitions.  (Hinterland Estates will use the work only for display purposes.)

10. All artists who enter will be allowed to sell their entries in the exhibition without commission to the gallery.

some websites about the RL islands

about the rl gallery in Orkney that has been an inspiration to us

[12:06]  Edvard Gylling: Hello Silene! Your questions about HEART 2010 Art prize were forwarded to me. There can be several entries from one artist, we let the artist decide the number. If the works have a lot of prims – over 100 – it would be good to ask first as the exhibition may set limits. As we own several sims, prims are not a primary concern.


Harmony Cafe
Coffee Art Competition

The management of Harmony Cafe invites all artists to submit their entries for our “coffee art” competition. Harmony Cafe is a venue celebrating art, music and community. Featuring live music and DJ events along with other art events in the community of Avalon. Founded in 2007, the cafe closed in early 2009 and reopened late last year in Avalon Town

Since we re-opened our doors in Avalon Town we have wanted to display our own coffee “brands” featuring the art of Second Life residents. The top 3 winners, chosen by public vote, will have their art incorporated into a coffee package design for the virtual cafe and a linden prize.

The rules:
-The original work may be created in any medium, however the submission should be a one-dimensional prim or texture with modify rights.
-Artwork should be the original art of the person submitting it, and should obey all copyright and intellectual property right laws.
-The theme is coffee! Coffee cups, beans, drinks… have fun with it!
-Entry deadline is February 1st, an opening event will be held that week to launch the voting.
-Entries will be open to public voting for two weeks with another party at the end to make the final votes and announce winners.
-Harmony Cafe staff/management are not eligible to enter
-Please submit entries to Tricia Aferdita

1st 1000L
2nd 750L
3rd 250L
Designs will remain on display at Harmony Cafe and be featured on our virtual coffee packaging.

Management reserves right to decline entries deemed inappropriate.
Harmony Cafe Managment consists of co-owners Ethan Westland and Tricia Aferdita


Welcome to create a ”photo haiku” story based on a pose from ”Poses from prose and poetry”. Now what is a haiku story? It is an expression I have borrowed and adapted from the danish storyteller and arcitect Hans Laurens. The idea of haiku stories is of course inspired by the japanese strict poetry form.  Pratically it means that the story is very short. The story is build like this:
1.    part – an impulse – very often the senses is active, one sees, smells or hear something. So the first part of the story is quite descriptive.
2.    Part – here the move – the action comes in. The impulse leads to an action.
3.    Part – the ending of the story. But it can not be just any ending – the ending must surprise and hopefully throw a new light on the previos parts.

See one example here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/narsisstic/4284754470/

So in the contest you are supposed to take a photo with a pose from ”Poses for prose and poetry (vendor PPP002  Female poses standing)” (to get here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Companion/140/173/2001 ) and add a text to the photo which creates a ”haiku story”.  Of course the aim of this contest (1st round of 10) is to focus on the poses from ”Poses for prose and poetry”, but it is also a part of my research to find out what trigger stories within second life.

The winning pictures/photostories will be showed in the store and a photobook of poses and stories.
Welcome to use your wonderful imagination.

1.    The photos must be taken in Second life.

2.    The photo must use a pose from ”Poses for prose and poetry Vendor  PPP002 Female poses standing (You will see it quite easily when you land, and despite it says female poses – of course males are highly welcomed to participate.) You can photoshop, using textures and brushes as you wish.

3.    Paste the photos into the discussion named ”Pictures for Contest 1” in the group ”Poses for prose and poetry” http://www.flickr.com/groups/poses_for_prose_and_poetry/ on flickr.  Tag the picture with ”Poses for prose and poetry” and remember to to add the title of the pose used.

4.    Deadline of the contest is  31st of january midnight SLT.

5.    Max 3 entries per person.

6.    The chosen photos must be send fullperm to Frigg Ragu inworld

1.    Price $ 1500 L and a box of 20 poses for either female or male.
2.    Prise $ 1000 L and a box of 20 poses for either female or male
3.    Prise $ 750 and a box of 20 poses for either female or male

Good luck from Frigg Ragu


Art & Art :   Photo Competition  —- This will be a judged contest.

Maryva Mayo make from 23 Janury to 13 February a large photo competition.
The Winners,  on Sunday, February 24, 2010.

The theme, of the competition is:
” If you could choice .. where you would like to live .. in SL? ”

All SL residents are invited to participate for free in this competition, which will culminate in an photo works exhibition on Bangu, at the Maryva Mayo Art Gallery.
From 1st February, the photos will be exhibited to the public in the gallery until 24 February.
The rules:
– Each participant can produce only one shot.
– Make a photo full-perm and send it, to Maryva Mayo,  in a notecard. ( After all, an example of notecard)
– The name of the note, should be :  Art & Art –   Photo Competition – Avatar name
– Sends also a landmark or slurl,  where you have made this photo.
– Please send us a photo with the maximum size of 1024×1024.
– Please do NOT edit images.
– Not export, and import, the photo, or retouch with programs.
– All photographs must be received by February 13 midnight SLT. After this date, the images will not be accepted.
– If you do not recive,  a Im of confirmation, after sending the note,  this means that the photo have not been received.

Will be a panel, with the names of the judges, and with the number  of judgements, determining the first,

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