Concursos y otros eventos/contest and other events. Enero 2010, January 2010


Piden artistas para un evento en el sim de Caerleon. En esta ocasión obras realizadas sin usar texturas, solo colores y caracteres del prim. En principio no dice que sea concurso, aunque algunas veces en este sim buscan un ganador de las exhibiciones que realizan.

Call for Artists!

Erato of Caerleon is having another Imagine Create Challenge.  This time the challenge is to create a work of art that uses no texture. 

Here are the rules:

1. You may either use the Default texture or Blank texture on your work.  You may use color and shine. 

2.  The maximum size of your piece is 10x10x10 m.

3.  You may use a maximum of 40 prims.

4.  Only low lag scripts may be used (as determined by our script police)

5.  All work must be submitted to Sabrinaa Nightfire by midnight on Friday, February 12, 2010.

The management reserves the right to not show any piece that we determine is inappropriate for this show.

This will be a judged show with a panel of judges determining the first, second and third place entries. 

The show will open at 1pm slt on Sunday, February 21, 2010.
Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please contact me,  Sabrinaa Nightfire.

We look forward to a great show.  Please feel free to pass this notecard along to your friends too. 


Caithlin Carter Designs

CCD Reflective Diamonds Flickr Photo Contest

For the next 3 months CCD is going to give away *** 50.000 *** Linden Dollars!!!

Do you have what it takes to be a top CCD photographic model and competition winner?  Show us your most glamorous look wearing jewelry and accessories from Caithlin Carter Designs and you would have the opportunity to win the first prize of 5.000L$ in cash and a gift ard of 2.500 L$ (every month!!), plus be a runner up for the Grand prize of 10.000L$ (in cash) plus a CCD giftcard worth 5.000L$.

The judging panel will be looking for elegance, beauty and a real flair for fashion as well as that extra ‘something’ which makes a great photograph.  Use your imagination and skills to take a prize-winning shot and you could win one of the 3 great prizes on a montly basis and the opportunity to win the Grand Prize as well as seeing your photograph on the CCD fashion blog, on the CCD flickr page, in the mainstore and possibly in future CCD campaigns.

Contests Every Month: November (Nov. 1st to Nov. 21th), December (Dec. 1st to Dec. 21th), January (Jan. 1st to Jan. 21th)

You must be wearing CCD products  (reflective diamond jewelry or rings or nails + rings).

Winner will be announced at the end of each month.


First Prize:          Cash prize of 5.000L$ and a CCD Giftcard worth 2.500L$. 
Winning photograph displayed in-store, on the CCD blog and on the CCD flickr page.

Second Prize:    CCD Giftcard worth 2.500L$.

Third Prize:         CCD Giftcard worth 1.000L$.

Grand Prize

Grand Prize:         Cash prize of 10.000L$  and a CCD Giftcard worth 5.500 L$

The grandprize will be given to the one that submitted the best picture of all months (november, december and january).

Rules of the Competition

1.           You must be wearing CCD  (reflective diamond jewelry or rings or nails + rings). Go to website to see the jewelry if you please:                                                                     
2.           You may submit a maximum of 3 photographs (each with different CCD products).
3.           No logos, signs or names are allowed on the photographs.
4.           No nudity please (to comply with FlickR posting rules in the CCD Group Pool).
5.           The minimum size of the photographes is 512 x 512  pixels.
6.           You must have CCD in your profile picks.
7.           CCD reserves the right to disqualify and remove non-complying  images from our flickr pool if the rules mentioned are not  respected;

How to Participate

1.          Upload your photograph (s) to FlickR.
2.          Add your entry to the CCD Photo Contest Pool here –
3.          Make sure that the FlickR photo title includes, CCD Contest and name of product  (important) and you may write any other notes in the  ‘description’ box.
4.          Check you are a member of the CCD Update Group or join  in-store.


If you have any questions, please contact Kat Svenska via note card please.

The Companion – Bloodlines – Royal portrait contest

In the sim The Companion (build on a norwegian folktale) there is a castle. In this castle – according to the story – a bewitched princess and her poor father lives. Through the story we never get to know much about the king and her daughter – but for sure they must come from somewhere. And there is here we need your help.

The walls in the castle are empty, waiting to be filled with depicted stories about the King and Daughters looong background. We need royal portraits which shows where they come from. It can be cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfaters, great great grandmothers. It can be elves, faerys, trolls,  and even vampyres (if they like the taste of blue blood).  It can be single or couple – close up or full size – in the picture pieces
Use your wonderful imagination.

1.    The photos must be taken in Second life. It is an advantage to know the sim /the castle/and the story, but not a must. Visit the sim:

2.    The photo must be in ”the royal photo theme”. You can google it and see ”the style”. But interpret it as you want. You can photoshop, using textures and brushes as you wish.
3.    For the photos you must use one of the poses made for this theme. A box of poses for the only prise of $ 10 L is made and you can get it here: .

4. Paste the photos into the discussion named ”Pictures for Bloodlines” in the group ”The Companion” – – on flickr. Or send them to Frigg Ragu inworld, with your name and name of the contest.

5. If you feel like, you can add a story to your portrait telling: the name of the character/s, their relation to the King and his daughter, how she/he/they were born and how they destiny were.
6. Deadline of the contest is 10th of january midnight SLT.

7. Max 3 entries per person.

8. There is not ”one winner” in this contest. CapCat Ragu will be the curator and help with choosing the pictures and place them on the wall.

9. The chosen photos must be send fullperm to Frigg Ragu inworld

The chosen photos will receive a prize on $ 2000 L and a box of 20 poses for either female or male.

Good luck from Frigg Ragu

Enjoy the Cyber Photo Contest!  Imagine the future with a sci-fi/cyber lens, and submit your pics of Koinup. Read in the discussion boards all the rules and guidelines    10.000L$ for the 1st winner!

With the help of BlackMamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands, owners of the BladeRunners sims in Second Life, we created a list of some sci-fi and cyberpunk sims!

Both in Second Life and in other virtual worlds.

Heroes and Villains
Fort Orion (Halo Roleplay)

BladeRunner City
You can also have a look at the Koinup Places Directory for suggestions on scifi places

(if you know other scifi sims, don’t exhitate to suggest them in this thread)
The contest is about creating/shooting images conveing cyber themes. Need some example of cyber themes? All the Sci-fi, Aliens, Dystopian, “Futuristic Blade Runner like” and postapocalyptic images are appropriate for the category.
The panel of judges will pick 6 winning entries and the 1st absolute winner!

The 6 winning photos, plus the 1st absolute winner, will be showcased in the BladeRunner Sim, where BlackMamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands, that are kindly sponsoring the contest, will give us the chance to setup an exhibition with the winning artwork of the contests!

The 1st absolute winner will also get 10.000L$ kindly provided by BlackMamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands

Two categories are eligible for the win: avatars and sceneries


You can submit your entries from today, 19th of december to 10th of january. Winners will be announced on 13th of january.

Any participant can submit upto 5 entries

The winning works will be picked a by a panel of judges made up by the New World Notes journalist Hamlet Au , the Koinup Blog Editor Poid Mahovlich and the author of the Insilico Second Life Sim Skills Hak

Need some further info? Why not having a look at Wikipedia for Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic
The 1st absolute winner will get a 10.000L$ prize (sponsored by the owners of the BladeRunner Sims)

The 6winning works (plus the absolute winner) will be showcased in a collective exhibition hosted in the Second Life sim BladeRunner City
The contest has been possible thanks to the Second Life developers and Sim owners Blackmamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands

Blackmamba and BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands are the owners of the Second Life BladeRunner City


WHAT:   MachinimUWA : The UWA Machinima Challenge

WHEN:   Submissions are open 18th December 2009 – 31st January 2010
All entries will be displayed on the University of Western Australia (UWA) Second Life Blog.

Winners will be announced during a ceremony in February

WHERE: In front of Winthrop Tower (Main SIM of the UWA presence) & starting point of all Machinima
THEME: Architecture, Teaching, Research & Arts on the UWA sims
Create a Machinima between 2 and 5 minutes in length that captures the 4 main elements thats make up the heart of the University of Western Australia SIMS. These elements are the RL architecture, the teaching, the research and the arts. The purpose would be to show that UWA’s presence in SL is comprehensive and covering all these areas, creating true bridges between SL & RL for prospective students, current students, staff, alumni & the community (this is the snapshot – more details below). Note that there are 3 SIMS making up the UWA presence, namely UWA, Uni of WA & WASP Land, and this challenge covers all 3.

Method of Entry:
* Load the Machinima anywhere, and provide the link to both Jayjay Zifanwe & White Lebed (co-hosts of MachinimUWA)

Closing Date:
* Midnight 31st January 2010 (winners annouced in Mid-Feb 2010)

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. A member of the Australian ‘Group of Eight’ research universities, it is also among Australia’s leading research universities. Sitting on the banks of the Swan River, the UWA Crawley campus is the oldest in Western Australia and among the most picturesque in the nation with its grand sandstone and terracotta buildings sitting among elegant heritage-listed gardens.

UWA Logo Texture: 􀀅

As follows will link some of the key areas that could be looked at in the preparation of the Machinima.  The Machinima should start with a view of the Winthrop Clock Tower & the Reflecting Pond which is an icon of the state of Western Australia. Graduation ceremonies are carried out here, and it is named after UWA’s founder, Sir John Winthrop Hackett.

Start Point of Machinima : Winthrop Tower & Reflecting Pond (this is both an RL & SL location)

The above just illustrates that the location exists in both world. You can shoot the machinima entirely from the SL material we have on the SIMS, or you can choose to use available RL elements or 2D web elements etc. The rest of the following areas can be used (or not) as you see fit, and in any order you choose.

UWA Sunken Gardens (this is both an RL & SL location)
This is a place of great significance to the staff and alumni of the University. Many many people get married in this location in RL every week, and it is a place of nostalgia, and quite a few people who got married in RL at the sunken gardens, have been here looking at the SL version of the place they exchanged vows.

UWA Sky Theatre (this is an SL only location)
This is a theatre we have created for use by Professor Wade Halvorson of the School of Business and Professor Mark Pegrum of the Graduate School of Education. Profesor Halvorson ran an entire 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce Unit using this as his primary location. It was run for the first time ever this semeter, in a unit called Electronic Communications Strategy.

UWA Square Kilometer Array – SKA (this is soon to be created in RL)
Now, these are replicas of telescopes that will be built in the Australian Outback, at a place called Boolardy station. 40 of them will be built for a smaller project caller ASKAP, or the Australian Square Kilometyer Array Pathfinder. Currently the final telescope
design is presented in SL and the unique characteristic of these dishes is illustrated, namely the three rotational axes where most telescope dishes only have 2. Australia is in a battle with South Africa to secure the rights to the Main SKA, which will comprise 4000 radio telescope dishes. This will be the biggest land based science project in the hsitory of mankind.

Visualisation Research @ The West Australian Supercomputer Programme (WASP), UWA
Visualisation Research is being run by Tranguloid Trefoil (RL – Paul Bourke). A critical component of this is the automatic representation of data in SL, rather than manually modelling. There are a number of examples of this such as the volume rendering of a human cortex. Among other things, Paul has an interest in fractals and how they may be used to describe and model real world objects. There are a number of fractal objects on the WASP land, one is the famous Menger sponge. For more information see

UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
UWA runs an extremely successful 3D art & architecture challenge, with some of the greatest artists and architects of SL displaying their works for the challenge. This has been one of the most important components of UWA’s SL offering, and has been listed as an SL Destination for Arts.

THE PEACOCKS, THE DUCKS, THE GALAHS, THE RAINBOW LORIKEETS, THE PARROTS ad other fauna are a significant part of the RL campus, and these are represented on the SL campus. These are found mainly on the Uni of WA SIM

The Wonders on the Ground of the UWA SIM
Wonderful art by quadrapop Lane, Soror Nishi & Glyph Graves (seek out ‘Strangers also Dance’). This is here to give the UWA presence a mixture of the RL aspects of Second life, as evidenced by the recreation of the RL buildings as well as the truly out of this world aspects of SL, as evidenced by what is found here.

The Physics Building:
Hackett Hall:
The building housing Astronomy, HR & Facilities Management:

A first and a 2nd Prize will be awarded for this. These prizes come curtesy of the University of Western Australia, VR Shed Pty Ltd (Dr Chris Thorne) and other benefactors.

1st Prize – $35,000L + a UWA T-Shirt
2nd Prize – $15,000L + a UWA T-Shirt

1.Professor Alan Robson (RL) – Vice-Chancellor, The University of Western Australia
2. Professor Ted Snell (RL) – Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
3. A/Professor Wade Halvorson (RL) – Lecturing in Marketing, Business and Electronic Commerce, The University of Western Australia
4. Colin Campbell Fraser (RL) – Principal Adviser (External Relations and Advocacy),
Vice-Chancellery, The University of Western Australia
5. Kelly Smith (RL) – Director, International Centre, The University of Western Australia
6. White Lebed (SL) – Lead of Burning Life Art Department, Curator
7. Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) – Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge


There are 2 competitions running simultaneously, the IMAGINE challenge and the FLAGSHIP challenge. There are monthly prizes available seperately for both, and the top 2 each month will go into the pool for the Grand Prize (which will have an expanded judging panel). You can enter as many times as you like or for any month that you choose.  For the Imagine challenge there will also be a monthly prize for best non-scripted entry. Current total prize pool is L$357,000

There is a people’s choice prize every month for the imagine challenge as well (details below)

FOR NOVEMBER ONLY  at the moment,  an Artist Book Prize is being awarded.  Juanita Deharo who owns Second Edition group is offering a L$2000 prize for an ‘artist book’ .  “An artists’ book is an artwork in a book format, or an artwork which has its origin in the form or concept of the book.” You can interpret this in any way you want.  This prize may be ongoing. All entries to the IMAGINE CHALLENGE that have conceptual roots in a book will be considered for the Artist Book Prize.  (Judging panel is listed at the bottom)

In describing virtual worlds, it is often said, ‘we are truly limited by only the imagination’, and and that is the theme of this art challenge. The limits are the imagination. Create something that will take our breath away. Any form, any shape, any influence, any medium. Of this world, or the next! (size 100 prim)

Prizes offered to winners & runners-up every month till the 31st of August 2010. Grand Prize to be awarded at the end.  Monthly winners & runners up to be displayed in the Second Life installation of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, on the grounds of the University of Western Australia (UWA – this island). All winners COULD also be part of a real life (RL)  exhibition of digital interactive art at the University of Western Australia in 2010.

A People’s Choice Award will also be given every month. Voting panel will go up each month for the days between the closing of the month’s entries and the announcement of the winners. is where you register your vote by touching the image of the work you like best – one vote per person.

Monthly Prize: L$5,000 + RL Custom Tshirt (1st) L$1,250 + RL Custom TShirt (Best non-Scripted entry) , L$1,250 (2nd), L$500 People’s Choice Award
Grand Prize: L$75,000 (1st) L$14,000 (2nd), L$14,000 (Best non-Scripted entry)

* RL custom T-Shirts will be made for the winners based on their favourite texture. This will be custom made, and posted to them, wherever they are in the world! These special prizes come curtesy of and

THE FLAGSHIP CHALLENGE: Design the UWA Cultural Precinct Flagship Building
Design a building that captures the essence of creative engagement, which could possibly be built. The University of Western Australia plans to build such a building in real life. It is to be called FUTURElab. 999 prim maximum for FLAGSHIP challenge for the building & up to 200 prims to fit it our with artworks (if so desired)

FUTURElab will provide insights into the world we are shaping by putting a microscope on the research undertaken across the University. It will provide a showcase for the work of SymbioticA ( ); for the architects and designers from UWA’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts who are exploring new possibilities for themselves and their communities; and for those working with new and emerging technologies to shape our future. FUTURElab will incorporate a black box performance/screening environment, a science/art gallery, and teaching and presentation space for a range of activities across campus. It will also provide a hub for the Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC), of which UWA is a partner.

Prizes offered to winners & runners-up every month till the 31st of August 2010. Grand Prize to be awarded at the end. The winning entry, will be given a permanent location on the grounds of the SL University of Western Australia estate. The winning entry may be considered as a possible baseline design for one of the actual buildings that will be built at the RL location of the expanding Cultural Precinct of the University of Western Australia. The creator of the building will be contacted to consult on how to turn the Second Life design, into reality.

 Monthly Prize: L$5,000 (1st) L$1,250 (2nd)
Grand Prize: L$75,000 (1st) L$14,000 (2nd)

A special artists participation pool (donation) has been established thanks to the generosity of Sasun Steinbeck, Phillip Vought, Tranguloid Trefoil, Galea Yates and Lowell Cremorne who have agreed to join me in contributing L$1000 monthly toward the pool.  This will be reset at the start of every month. All artists who submit a genuine entry (not a block of plywood) and who do not receive one of the main prizes, will receive a share of what has been contributed to the donation jar for that month. Nothing is being kept for the land tier, 100% will go back to artists. Please donate to the pool if you are able:

Contest Entry Rules:
1) Any artwork/ object can be submitted. They can be inanimate or have animation. They may contain scripts if you so choose – maximum script time of 0.5ms, and anything that runs at over 0.05ms is to have an on/off on touch with time out of 10 minutes max (if you are unsure of your piece’s script load please contact one of the Challenge hosts to have it evaluated). 100 prim maximum for IMAGINE challenge. 999 prim maximum for FLAGSHIP challenge for the building & up to 200 prims to fit it out with artworks (if so desired)
2) Note that by submitting an entry, you are giving permission to the University of Western Australia to place the objects anywhere on UWA owned land, and to have information and images of the entries placed on UWA websites and on websites promoting the UWA SIMS or events held on the UWA SIMS. If submitting an entry for the FLAGSHIP challenge, you are giving permission to UWA to use your design as the basis of the design for an actual building, when/if that eventuates.
3) Contest starts 21st August 2009, ends 31st August 2010.
4) Monthly prizes will be awarded (21st Aug 09 – 30th Sept 09 will be considered the first month. Calendar months to be adhered subsequent to this)
5) A valid entry, is any object dropped onto the contest entry billboard. Pick up item from inventory while holding down the CTRL key, and drop it onto the contest entry billboard prim (the prim should go red when your entry is in position to be dropped in)
6) Alternate method of entry is to drop the object into the inventory of Jayjay Zane, who is executive officer for the ‘UWA 3D ART AND DESIGN CHALLENGE’
7) All entrants should join the group ‘UWA 3D ART AND DESIGN CHALLENGE’
8) To join, copy and paste the following into local chat, then click  as appropriate to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/cad9c421-8b96-f9c1-fb40-dade48c43fe4/about

Judging Panel
1. Professor Ted Snell – Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia (RL)
2. Frank Roberts – The University Architect, The University of Western Australi (RL)
3. John Barret-Lennard – Curatorial Director, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery (RL)
4. Jayjay Zifanwe – Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge (SL)
5. Raphaella Nightfire –  CEO SW&MB Fashion Productions, CEO Evane Model Agency
Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery (SL)
6. Tranguloid Trefoil – Owner of WASP at the University of Western Australia (SL)

Expanded Judging Panel for Grand Prize will include:
1. Frolic Mills – BOSL & CO CEO
2. Sasun Steinbeck  –  artist, scripter, and maintainer of the Art Galleries of SL list at
3. Wil Dreadlow, ICON Lifestyle Magazine CEO & Publisher
4. Lowell Cremorne, Owner of The Metaverse Journal

Judging Panel for Artists Book Prize
1. Juko Tempel – Australian living in Paris. Librarian, photographer, linguist, educator and collector of new media art. In SL since 2006.
2. Victor Vezina – Journalist, artist, writes weekly column on digital toys and virtual worlds  for Guardian newspaper, London.  Gallery owner, experimental artist, art collector in SL since 2006.
3. Juanita Deharo –  Art educator, professional artist specialising in artist books, small sculptures, printmaking.  Gallery owner and artist in Second Life since 2006.
4. Jayjay Zifanwe – Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge

Official Hosts for the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge are Jay Jay Zifanwe & quadrapop Lane

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