Spirituality, ethnic, abstract digital art: great collection of artists.

Sorry, I accumulated at work. These last five days have gone promptly to the openings of which I received an invitation. I think instead of relating my impressions in chronological order of visit, I’ll do the authors grouped by similar themes.

My first visit was the exposure of Hermes Kondor, elected at the gallery exhibition as that of the month. Really good. I had seen his earlier work and some elements of which I believed would not be integrated. This selection, by contrast,  is great. I can not choose any special. To say that the art of Hermes is a polished digital work, where trends for fantastic art and mysticism are present. Don’t miss it!.
In line with the mystical and fantasy works are also Juliete3d Quinzet. Works of mixed style, some looser, but with a strong personal stamp. Wicked highlight.


Although in different galleries, two artists with strong ethnic touches: Inde Vaher and Jumanya Mystica. The first with the vibrant colors of Africa and the second immersed in the Mexican currents. The sunflower from Mystica I liked: There is nothing like those of Van Gogh, but I remembered them, but manages to catch a hid sunbeam… I liked it. Recommended for lovers of ethnicity. 

http://slurl.com/secondlife/LSJ%20Student%20Union/147/41/33  (Mystica)

http://slurl.com/secondlife/TAJ%20HJEM%20III/215/93/64 (Indea)

Refined digital art.

Maybe I should have written digital art and photography, because the two authors work following the art without departing from digital photo printing. Miro Collas works  photographs of SL (which I consider a great point in its favor) by digital techniques making fantastic landscapes in the style and matte painting. Maybe some lack of light, but second life is bad for the textures.


Aguilaquebrada Ansome does not deviate from a reality that transforms. Some are good photo collages, but there are some pearls that are worth visiting. Dulce chest, and nameless are two compositions where the human body becomes part of the still lifes of yesteryear, The structure preserving them but sublimating the message.

Abstract, fractal art, Op Art and Kinetic Art.

Grouped under this heading I have placed the rest of the artists who’ve visited. Seconlife really supported the kinetics in the currents of art in SL, but the characteristics of the programming scripts in this virtual world has promoted the use of fractal images for this kinetics. Sometimes the textures and shapes reminiscent of works of Op Art, where what matters is the form of perception and its rules. That is, many of these works have aspects of these various currents.

Mitou Waco is the clearest example of the grouping of all these trends. A very elegant art, which really shocked me. Elegance, finesse, harmony … A very personal use of the usual tools of SL. Highlighting the works: Love nid and Le tunnel. Strongly advised.


Alongside the work of Mitou, two fractals Mirja Bonetto, the red adventure and trip to asia, really good.

Quinzet Eliza is in this line also, and highlight the work Cradle, a creation of subtle areas that look like drops of water in precarious balance. Eliza uses a similar technique to Sledge Roffo. Both photographed sculptures were sometimes more important artistic point the photo sculpture. http://slurl.com/secondlife/TAJ%20HJEM%20III/215/93/64 (Eliza)

Enjoy the views!

Silene Christen

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