At last!!! 25 days after…arrives to Second Life!

May be one of the greatest proyects in Second Life, open 9th May, 2009 at 2 pm sl time.

Why talk of “intervention”?

It is a project combining landscaping, installation, sculpture, etc. .. In final liability, we made an “intervention” on a given site.

What is “25 days”?

We have tried to make a call from the arts to the problem of climate change. We have the possibility (incredible) of having an entire island to work, maintaining the basic structures that exist. We wonder how this would be flooded if the water? The result has been a complex of water, water landscapes, landscapes and art … air. Much art as an “intervention” of the artists of the group. These are marked on a map … Because I assure you here that one can lose!

How do you advice to see the project?

I advised to travel by air and submarine. Each brings different images, trying new experiences that stimulate our subconscious to other levels of understanding.
Enclosed in the dossier of information a note with a map and numbered the different interventions, and a brief description of her art.

Can you “buy” it?

Each of the interventions is a piece of art to turn independent but integrated into the environment. Contact with each artist, who would gladly help them as they need.

Is it an exaggeration to think that half the world can disappear in damage to the environment?

The exaggeration is our idiosyncrasy that makes us believe that human beings are the center of the universe. The universe will continue with or without us, and it is not unreasonable to think that might happen one or several small disasters for which the present society is not ready.
Caring for the environment, integrated with, be aware of how we are part of a huge body “alive” … It is the ultimate choice for all these problems.

Who are involved in the project?

Initially the group is composed of:
Martazul Zemlja, Emilio Charisma, Silene Christen and  Zhora Maynard.
We counted with the collaboration of many friends, who we thank from here.

What groups / organizations collaborating on the project?

Isla del emprendedor, Fundacion Banesto (Thursday Banesto)
Unispana (Arrow Merlin Mariom Nurmi)
Life Art
Mundo del Arte

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