Interview with Paz Ember

We’ll start as always, speaking about one of her works. Japanese poem, the words flowing from the primordial egg, interesting allegory full of significance. Between conceptualism and kinetics, a simple piece, almost ethereal, almost negligible for this tribute to other icons of Japanese culture such as acupuncture, in a fascinating search for new meanings.

Silene Christen – How was getting into the world of art?

Paz Ember – Since I am young i was delighted with painting. I attended classes with several teachers, but mostly I love to explore and learn for myself. I touched different areas: painting, installation, photography. I think that I’m most comfortable painting.

Silene Christen – What about Second Life? How was entering and devoted to issues of art here?

Paz Ember – I went in by a friend who advised me. I recognize that aspect of art that SL has to offer is through the group Life Art which interested me in SL art. I was advised to submit to some competitions and I won a prize. Above all, I’ve changed my conception of art, while rl is painting, I work more here on sculpture more .

Silene Christen – What do you think of Sencond Life as a means of dissemination of art? Is there a future?

Paz Ember – I think is a wonderful way, both as outreach and learning. Let’s hope it will develop into a free way for everyone.

Silene Christen – In the works exhibited in the Oriental Style  there is a recurrence to the text as an integral part of your work. Will it help you in expressing your ideas?

Paz Ember – I give great importance to the textures and words. I try to use my personal textures in my works is my way to refine my ideas. Fonts, is a topic that fascinates me. The man has always tried to express in writing some of the most important moments in their history, personal or collective. The typography of the letter tells us a lot of feelings of both concepts. When doing any work I try to include special fonts, that I look for them carefully. It’s amazing how one word, changing the font, convey very different things. Therefore, it is inherent to my work as I try to convey many things, leaving “open doors” to personal research.

Silene Christen – What are your next projects?

Paz Ember – In Second Life get in to short time, but I  try to participate in events that motivate me. There is the next  project of the  Art Life group I want to devote myself, so I hope mine works soon shall see in the next exhibition

Silene Christen – Hope so! Thks a  lot for your time, take care Paz:)


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2 respuestas a Interview with Paz Ember

  1. Therefore, any value and an act of counter cultural possibility need a specific dissemination of visual representation.

  2. English language has become an integral part of our culture to the brink of owning it as our third language.


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