Interview with Zion Fuchs

zionAs always start by discussing a work, in this case a picture. Silene Christen – How was getting into the world of art? Zion fuchs – I have always been dedicated to art. But photography is my hobby for years. I have worked freelance for several publications. In SL I found the possibility of models with greater ease of finding or creating scenes, etc. .. Silene Christen – What about Second Life? How was entering and devoted to issues of art here? Zion Fuchs – I came to SL by chance. A friend told me the chances I had for the subject of photos, which is my hobby RL. Second Life seems a very useful way to express, to share information or to learn. I hope it would have a long life… Silene Christen – In the work exhibited in Oriental is observed very few faces, and that you give more importance to body. What is the reason? Told us about your work here, please. Zion fuchs – Every picture I do, I have about 15 shots to give up with that desire. After much work the light, which I use to shape the form and idea. I prefer the Black and White, although it is more difficult to visualize the result as a color. Regarding the photograph of avatars, I think the man is many things. Avoid direct eye so that the focus on the body as a second “canvas” work. One of the things that fascinate me most are the tattoos. Difinición looking for a good design and good for shooting. Silene Christen – What are your next projects? Zion Fuchs- I keep on working on human body. I think there are too much avatars to search, and a lot of interesting posibilites. My work is slow but I try to offer the best. I’ve been offered to have a fixed place in the Life Art Space, what I thks a lot (thks silene hehe) Silene Christen – Tkhs a lot for your time, and we’ll wait your works. Of course you have a place with us, and I’ll put the one you gift me at home.
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