Interview with Gleman Jun

We’ll start, as always, speaking about one work.  In Liquid emotion, the soft orange attracts us, like an atavistic sun that draws us to its heat, melt in the lava flows of the universe. When enthralled, we remain looking, soft violet flames dance perennial appear as souls who claim their throne in the soul. A job where the kinetic and op art acquired new dimensions.

Silene Christen – How was getting into the world of art?
Gleman Jun – One day while I was creating a sandbox, someone asked me if I wanted to put them in his gallery. Never stopped…

Silene Chirsten – What about Second Life? How was entering and devoted to issues of art here?
Gleman Jun – SL is an opportunity to truly be themselves, without limits, without masks. If you are endowed with creativity, the art will be coming to you.

Silene Christen – What do you think of Sencond Life as a means of dissemination of art? Is there a future?
Gleman Jun- I think the SL ART is what digital art has been in the past compared to previous techniques.

Silene Christen – In the work described in Oriental Style is observed a perfect use of light, and movement. Are you a lover of light?
Gleman Jun – I love the colors, light, transparency, dynamics, energy. The light is all.

Silene Christen –  In your works, do you try to express an idea, or get a feeling from the watcher?
Gleman Jun – In my case, a work of art is composed of two different elements:
Vision. Is the image that passes through my mind suddenly, it dazzles me, smothering me, praises me, leaving me exhausted and full of energy. The vision lasts only a few moments but it is clear as if he had shared with it a lot of time in the same area, the same substance. I can see the outline, the geometry and its absolute dynamics. I can smell it, I can feel the epidermal touch, the chemical sensation. It is the most beautiful and sad moment, because I know that soon it will leave my mind like a breath leaves the body.
Technique. Is the experience that allows the memory to translate the vision into a “real” and shareable object.

Silene Christen – What are your next projects?
Gleman Jun – In the dynamic effects of colors, lights and transparencies, I will express my creativity in a constantly evolving and transforming myself. This is my real project.

Silene Christen – Thank you very much for this little chat. I hope you’ll keep on your succesful art moment in SL, and in RL

You can see the works in:


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