Interview with Genuks Chun

We’ll start speaking about one of his works. Snail rider , was the first piece I saw from him. Full of dynamism and energy, is a tribute to the Kokeshi (wooden dolls handpainted in Japan). With pure colors, a simple plasticity us back to childhood never lost, it is an anime-style, a perfect example of Japanese culture today.

Silene Christen – How was getting into the world of art?
Genuks Chun – It is my fate to draw a something all the time.

Silene Christen – What about Second Life? How was entering and devoted to issues of art here?
Genuks chun – I just have nothing to do better and nothing else to say to mankind as well then my humble art

Silene Christen – What do you think of Sencond Life as a means of dissemination of art? Is there a future?
Genuks Chun – Surely it does help to spread art worldwide at least allows people to familiarize more with immense artists and art lines. However util we got no stable legislation particualry in art brach of SL no artist could feel in safe and comfort. Thus the Linden lab won’t pay much attnetion to legislation in SL there is a way maybe to get all various artists united to defend their own interests against of swindle that is wide at the moment and build the future.

Silene Christen – In the work i have been able to see, you love japan icons, do you consider anime as other icon? What do like about japan art?
Genuks Chun – Well I consider it like yet another art line in front of others. Definetrly it is cuteness what I most attracted with in anime style especially Japanese and Koreal also.

Silene Christen –  What and how you try to express yourself in your works?
Genuks Chun – It is all up to my feelings. I barely could hide them out in my works. All are obvious.

Silene Christen – What are your next projects?
Genuks Chun – making a toy models for new group of just invented characters also accompanying with graphics regarding to plot of their life.

Silene Christen – thks a lot for this interview Genuks, i hope we’ll see more for your works in SL, and you’ll success. You can see his works:


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